Collection of Poems About the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia

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Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia is celebrated on August 17th. In 2021, the independence of the Republic of Indonesia enters its 76th year. 

On Independence Day , there are many ways people can do or show it as a form of nationalism and love for the Indonesian homeland. 

To appreciate the 76th independence day of the Republic of Indonesia, you can compose a poem about independence. 

Poetry is one of the literary works that contains the expression or outpouring of the author's heart. In poetry usually describes the anxiety, imagination, criticism to the poet's experience, which is packaged in a beautiful language style.

Before making your own, you can see an example of a poem about independence below. There are several poems about independence that can inspire you and hopefully can raise the spirit of nationalism.

The following is a collection of poems about independence day to raise your spirit of nationalism, quoted from the Theinsidemag page , Thursday (5/8/2021).   


Poems about Independence Day

We want independence

This morning we stand tall

In front of the heritage flag

Footsteps stomping

Move forward


The muzzle of the gun is pointing at the threat

The invaders who came with greed

I speak out loud

That I am the son of the nation

Willing to die for freedom


Blood spilled on the ground is okay

As long as the debt is paid off, the independence is paid off

What you took over the centuries


You are a wicked foreigner

How dare you step on your dirty feet

On the land belonging to this great nation

You are an unethical foreigner

Dare to wave your flag

In our land

The land that we honor

And we fight for sovereignty


You are a bad nation

We firmly reject you

Colonizing our beloved country

To death


We will demand our independence

To death

We will seize our rights

As the son of the nation

The one you have stepped on his pride

What you have torn izzah


We will not stay silent

As the son of the nation

As a religious youth

Bear in mind that!

O evil invader

We want to be independent


We are Indonesian

One is the son of the nation

With a loud bark


Freedom, freedom, freedom!

It doesn't matter who you are

If you were me

Then shout the same thing

Because you and I are Indonesia


We are Indonesia

With thunderous voices we shout

Turn on a loud voice

Freedom, freedom, freedom!

So let's scream together

Because of me, you and you

Is Indonesia


We are Indonesian

I you and you

Will take a big role

For the advancement of this nation

Towards true independence

true freedom

We have to do it

Because we are Indonesian


One Word Freedom

Until this moment, thousands of blood have been shed

Until this moment thousands of lives have been lost

Until this moment thousands of bones have been scattered

A price to pay

For the realization of the nation's independence

For the sake of one word



At this moment our nation is free

At this moment Indonesia has become independent

A great nation has been born

Made with the spirit of the warriors

Which is paid with drops of blood and tears

And the souls that were sacrificed

For one word



Countless souls died on the battlefield

Your fresh blood seeps into the sidelines of the homeland

With pride your corpse is smiling

Witnessing the victory you never enjoyed

All for one word



Sharp as a Pointy Weapon

On the tip of a pointed weapon

Sharp as a sword ready to slash

Risk of life against

Shaking the enemy's soul to trepidation


Heroes fight until they disappear

Winning for freedom

The feeling of trepidation and fear is gone

The effort until the blood spills is endless


Independence has liberated smother

Now can breathe without suffocation

Heroes are witnesses

Ready to stand up to independence


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